May 28, 2024

Lies From Satan Which Keep Us From Sharing Jesus With the Lost

11 of Satan’s lies, which prevent us from being an effective witness!

  1. Lie: You don’t want people to not like you
    Truth: It doesn’t matter if people like us. Jesus was perfect, loved everyone perfectly, and he had no one at his side at the end of his life, he was hated and nailed to a cross.
  2. Lie: That is not my gift
    Truth: God commands every Christian to be a witness for Him. To not do so is disobedience
  3. Lie: You need to build a relationship first, “to earn the right to share Jesus”
    Truth: This is not Biblical, Jesus, and the disciples preached the gospel and witnessed to strangers, and Jesus said it was harder to share with people He knew. (Mark 6:4).

    The Bible never says Jesus or Paul came to a village and built relationships for a few months and then shared when the time was right, NO they went into cities, and towns, and preached the Gospel immediately, Jesus called people out publicly to follow him without building a relationship first.

  4. Lie: I am busy with other ministry, I don’t have time to witness
    Without reaching the lost with the gospel, there is no ministry. This is the only mandate, and command Jesus gave to us in scriptures, as the primary task of the church and believers. To seek and save the lost. (Luke 19. Matt 28, Acts 1:8)

    “I found that believers are ready to get involved in almost any activity that looks spiritual but allows them to escape their responsibility to the Gospel.” K.P. Yohannan

  5. Lie: I am not a bold person
    Truth: It is not about us. None of us are bold in ourselves to share Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit that gives us boldness as we pray before we go out and intentionally witness (Acts 4:28-31). Our abilities or character traits have no bearing on witnessing for Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit witnessing through us. “When we are weak, He is strong” (2Cor 12:10). Witnessing is not a gift.
  6. Lie: Wait for the perfect time to share Jesus with the lost
    Truth: The Bible says, Today is the day of salvation; preach in season and out of season. The perfect time is now, not tomorrow.

    We need to pray for urgency when it comes to witnessing. We do not wait for a perfect time to read our Bibles, fellowship, pray; neither should we wait for a perfect time to witness.

    Every time I have prayed before I have gone out to where lost people are (malls, restaurants, get together with old friends), God always has someone for me to share Jesus with, but if I do not pray before I go out and I am not intentional, nothing happens. God has thousands of lost people waiting to hear the Gospel from us, the questions is, will we share. God’s time is now.

    “The harvest is great, but the workers are few”

  7. Lie: People do not want to talk about spiritual things
    Truth: I have found that the majority of people actually do want to have a conversation about spirituality. And it is only a few who are antagonistic about talking about their faith.

    Even if they don’t, this is irrelevant, we are called to preach the gospel to every person (Mark 16:15), if they end up in heaven or hell, they will thank us for caring enough to tell them the good news

    (Luke 16) The rich man in hell asked Abraham to send Lazarus to tell his brothers about hell. Even the people in hell are praying for people to share truth with there loved ones here on earth.

  8. Lie: I have tried witnessing to strangers and it hasn’t worked
    Truth: Every time we share our faith it works! We are just seed planters, and the Bible says seed falls on 4 different types of soil, but only God gives the increase. So how people respond is not the deciding factor whether it was a success or not. It is always a success when the gospel is shared with the lost; it is only a failure when we don’t share the Gospel with lost people. If we only throw a few seeds out a year, let’s not expect a big crop. If we throw no seeds, expect no crop, and we need to question our own salvation.
  9. Lie: I do not want to push people away from Jesus by sharing the Gospel
    Truth: On Judgment day no one will say to Jesus, I never got saved because this person shared the truth with me and that is why I pushed Jesus away. No it will be the opposite; many will ask why more Christians did not share the gospel with them. I have found many of my friends who I have shared the gospel with, who initially pushed me away, came back to me over time during a crises moment in their lives, and thanked me for sharing, and many have received Christ. We should never go off emotion or someone’s first response to the gospel. Some of the biggest attacks on the streets come from people who end being the first ones saved.
  10. Lie: Our culture is different; we can’t share Jesus here, like we do in the rest of the world, or like in the book of Acts.
    Truth: Souls are Souls, no matter what the culture. Every soul needs to hear about Jesus, and the gospel does not change, neither do the methods. We need to use any and all means to reach the lost with the Gospel. I have seen people saved in Calgary with Street Preaching, door to door evangelism, tracts, Alpha, big festivals, preaching in malls and C-train stations, at work, sharing the gospel one on one, sharing the gospel in front of the Stampede, sharing with people I know and don’t know. I believe to often we put God in a box, saying to Him, this is how evangelism works in this culture, or this is the only way I will do evangelism. Instead of saying, God use me anyway you want, I am open to change my approach from day to day, circumstance to circumstance (We see Jesus dealing so differently in every situation, preaching in the streets, preaching in synagogues, one on one witnessing, having supper with the lost, He sometimes focused on hell (33times), sometimes grace, sometimes the law, but He was always being totally obedient to the Father, in every situation) I believe this is what God wants from us, to be totally open to the Holy Spirit, and dependent on Him, with no reservations or conditions. I support all brothers and sisters who are proclaiming the gospel, however they are doing it. We need to celebrate everytime Jesus is being preached, even if we wouldn’t do it their way.

    Philippians 1:18 “What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is preached; and in this I rejoice, yes, and will rejoice”

  11. Lie: It is so much easier to share Christ on missions trips, I wish it was like that here
    Truth: It is the same here, it is just we get off mission at home, and get selfish, and pulled away from focusing on the main thing, souls. On a missions trip we are around like minded Christians who are intentional about extending the kingdom of God. We see the passion in the locals for God and souls, which spurs us on. They are very intentional about sharing the gospel with the lost.

The same can be true here at home, we just need to stay on mission, and hang with others who have the same mission. This is how Street Church started. Getting back from the Ukraine missions trip we realized things do not have change, we could continue being on mission at home.

“If there be any one point in which the Christian church ought to keep its fervor at a white heat, it is concerning missions. If there be anything about which we cannot tolerate lukewarmness, it is a matter of sending

The gospel to a dying world” Spurgeon

Live life in light of eternity


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