May 24, 2024

Letter to the Department of Parks and Recreation

Street Church Ministries

 1740 – 25A Street SW Calgary, AB T3C 1J9

November 5, 2009

Director of Parks and Recreation

Kurt Hanson

We are very concerned with the treatment that we have received from your department. In total, our ministry has been applying for permits from your department for over five years now. In the beginning, we had no issues with your department and seemed to be treated fairly and equally. But since then, for over two and a half years, we have been applying for permits, to host events, such as Christmas, Easter, and harvest festivals. On our permit applications, we specifically stated that we would like written responses, notifying us of whether or not we had be been granted the permit, and if not, reasons why.

To this day, we have submitted dozens of such applications, and have yet to receive one written, or even verbal, response, for that matter. As tax payers, equally entitled to the services of your department, we are demanding an explanation as to why, for years now, we have been ignored and on one occasion, in front of witnesses, we were threatened, and forced to leave the office. During that incident, a manager without even looking at the application wrote across it “refused”, just because it bore the name of either myself or of Street Church. It is our understanding that, that individual was not operating according to the procedures your department must follow. We have been told that the permit application is to be received by the clerks and that the application is to be reviewed by a proper department.

Your own procedures require you to contact an interested party indicating whether or not the permit was accepted. We simply ask to receive fair, reasonable, and equal treatment.

 We await your response with eagerness,

Artur Pawlowski

On behalf of Street Church Ministries

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

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