July 20, 2024

Jesus at the Gate of Our City

We want to invite you to our next festival. There will be two days of celebration Sunday August 9 at 2 pm and Wednesday August 12 at 11 am at the gate of the City – the front steps of City Hall, Calgary. There will be steaks, gifts, beverages, music and of course preaching of the gospel in the name of Jesus Christ for all to hear the unchangeable message of hope, especially in this time when so many are suffering. On the streets we experience more and more people with basic needs.  The line ups are getting bigger and bigger and in them, there are many with children.  That tells us that in the difficult times of this economy our ministry is needed more than ever.  People need, not only food, but are desperate for hope.  We all know that Jesus is the only answer to all of our problems.  So please help.  We will have three thousand triple-A steaks, thousands of hot dogs and smokies, and other things.  We need your financial support and if you can come to serve the needy at the tables, or just simply come and pray for our city and the poor and the homeless.  Come. In God’s word, it says when you give to the poor you lend to God.  As it says in the word, the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.  So we pray now, to the Lord of the harvest, to send more laborers – YOU.



What We WILL Need

We will need volunteers who will:

  • Contact local pastors and churches
  • Donations of as many pairs of new socks as you can gather
  • Cook the food
  • Enter into worship
  • Pray for guests
  • Distribute clothes
  • And others (many more ways to help for the willing)

Live today as though Christ will return tomorrow,

Blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
Artur Pawlowski on behalf of Street Church Ministries

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