June 17, 2024

March for Jesus in Ireland!

Friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ! We have for you incredible news!

After four years of prayers and planning, we have the honor of flying to Ireland (Southern and Northern Ireland) in order to organize there together with local leaders the March for Jesus. We ask you for prayer, and if you so desire, for any kind of support.

May this March, especially now, in such difficult times for Christianity, become a certain breakthrough – a symbol – a voice. A voice – that we exist and that we aren’t ashamed of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

May the foundations of political correctness be shaken and fall down together with every satanic stronghold. May the Name of the One who is, who was, and who will be forever – the Name of Jesus Christ, be heard by all the inhabitants of Ireland. So that we will be able to, thanks to God’s grace, share about this wonderful, living and only God, who came to earth to redeem us from the clutches of death. Beloved ones, maybe you know someone who lives in England or Scotland or Ireland who would like to get involved in this incredible work of public display of faith, in the work of evangelism.

Contact us at the email address [email protected]. Maybe you yourselves would like to take part in this event? Let us know. May God bless you all and we ask you – don’t forget to pray for us and for all those who will take part (both the organizers and those whose names aren’t yet written down in the Book of Life).

The team consists of Grażyna Konieczna, Artur Pawłowski and Robert Hanus. The meetings in Ireland will take place from March 2 to March 10. We ask for your prayer and financial support of this event.

We have one goal:
That the Name of Jesus Christ be lifted high and that everyone may hear about the One who was not ashamed to die on the cross instead of them.
God is God! Join the harvesters since the harvest is ready and great!

Artur Pawłowski, for the organizers of March for Jesus.
403-607-4434 [email protected]


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