March 3, 2024

Jesus Week – Day Two

Sunday, June/29/2014

Today we went to minister outside. The location was beautiful – the Ronald Reagan Park in Gdansk-Przymorze. I worked together with people from a church called The Way of the Lord. Good for me – they turned out to be very friendly, warm and helpful people, with hearts on fire for God.

At first the weather wasn’t the best. It was raining and we held a meeting hiding under a tree. God had listened to our prayers – it stopped raining after a while and we could leave our shelter. We had a time of worship, testimonies and prayers. Many people passing by took a while to see what’s happening and listen. Seven asked for prayer. In four cases the condition of the people prayed for instantly improved. It was a wonderful time of prayer and fellowship.

More meetings like that took place simultaneously at different locations in the Tri-City. I am sure they have also experienced great things. I’ll give you and update as soon as I learn more.

Maciej Strzyżewski









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