June 17, 2024

First of July 2012, Canada Day

People like to celebrate different festivities in many diverse ways. We don’t know how you celebrate these unique moments in your life but we will tell you how we like to celebrate them.

First of July 2012, Canada Day, and we had a great opportunity to set up a church in the middle of Prince’s Island Park in Calgary and proclaim to the public about what we believe in. We did just that! With a number of volunteers equipped with a tent, flags, thousands of tracts, bibles, drinks and snacks we were able to set up a visible ‘light’ right on a hill for all to see. You have to understand that during these festivities there are hundreds of thousands of people that take part in the Canada Day celebrations. In this park alone there was over 100,000 people easy and what that meant for us was a lot of work :-).

We came believing that God will touch many hearts and that we would have a great time as a family of believers, but what we saw and experienced exceeded our greatest expectations. We actually had line-ups of people waiting for snacks and drinks and at the same time we had preachers coming and giving messages of salvation, repentance, the kingdom of God and lifting the name of Jesus Christ. Then came the worshipers in between the messages. The praises to our God and the sound of the instruments were heard over the hills along the bridges and across the water. It would be impossible to tell you how many thousands of people came to our tent, but just looking at how many hundreds of bibles and the huge amount of gospel tracts that were given out we know that there were many. The food and the drinks were going so fast that in the history of Street Church we have never witnessed such a ‘hunger and thirst’. We believe that all that came not only received tangible goods but also through the preaching, prayer and worship they were touched for now and into eternity.

Street Church partnered with Centre Street Church for this festivity so a special thanks to Pastor Lawrence Irwin and Pastor Daniel Howard who also brought volunteers with them to help all of us in making this celebration as successful as it was. Thank you for all that came with their passion to honour our God and to lift the name of Jesus.

During the 12 hours that we were in the park together (from 11 am to 11 pm) we gave out an astonishing amount of food and drinks (at least $15,000) and all of this for the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.

You see the Bible speaks about when people will see our good deeds they will praise our God which is in heaven. During this day multitudes were blessed and countless were touched by the tangible mercy and love of God and that is what the church is all about, preaching the gospel and manifesting it in action.

Here are a few pictures from this memorable event:

IMG 2497

IMG 2533

IMG 2566

IMG 2508

IMG 2607

IMG 2643

IMG 2628

IMG 2646

IMG 2681

IMG 2691

IMG 2703

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IMG 2721

IMG 2733

IMG 2775

IMG 2787

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