May 18, 2024

Easter Festival Testimonies

“For He delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” (Colossians 1:13)

God gave us a sunny day on Sunday for our Easter Festival, hundreds of people showed up for food, prayer, and to hear the good news, we witnessed 5 baptisms in the river, and over 10 decisions for Christ, maybe more, It is hard to say, because their was so many people getting prayed over throughout the festival. I want to thank all of the volunteers who participated. I was very excited to see so many volunteers praying over people. One time when I looked across the crowd I saw many different people getting prayed over all at the same time, in different parts of the park, it was beautiful.



  1. Chad, who received Jesus last year through Street Church, is now living in Three Hills, attending the Victory Church, and taking classes at Prairie Bible College. He showed up to the Festival to participate, and he told me he felt led to share his testimony. Chad spoke close to the end of the Festival, immediately after he spoke we gave an alter call. One of Chad’s friends Brad, who was still living in the darkness, was hanging out with Chad all afternoon and could not believe the change in Chad.

    Brad had just moved back to Calgary, and he ended up in Triangle Park, Easter Sunday. Chad and Brad used to be in gangs together, and Brad was so impacted by the changes Jesus had made in Chad’s life he was the first one to come forward at the alter call to receive Jesus, we immediately baptized him.

    Brad showed up to Monday night evangelism last night and shared what had taken place since he gave his life to Jesus. Brad stated immediately after the Baptism he felt a peace in his heart that he had never experienced before in his life. He said he felt immediately changed. Brad said after he left the festival he took a black marker and crossed off his jacket 666, and satan rules. He also took off the gang bandana he had on. Brad said he has been involved in gangs for over 10 years and he has done everything evil under the sun.

    Last night Brad said now I am going to live all out for Jesus. Amen

    It was great to see Chad go into the water with his friend Brad to take part in his baptism, and after the baptism Chad laid hands on Brad and prayed a powerful prayer over him, and told him that this new life would not be easy, it would be a battle, but to keep his eyes on Jesus, and read and pray everyday, and he would be victorious

  2. A lady in her mid thirties was driving on one of the roads which passes Triangle Park during the Festival, when she heard the music. She turned around to check out what was going on.

    She got out of her vehicle and came to the park, while she was listening to the live worship music, God touched her heart and she started to cry, Art saw her crying and led her up to the alter, as they got up to the  alter, Peggy (who was one of the worship singers) saw this lady, and jumped off the stage and hugged her. They both embraced and cried for a long time and Peggy ministered to this lady for over an hour and a half. We found out later that this lady used to go to Peggy’s church, but she had left the church and turned from the Lord.

    Praise God on Easter Sunday she rededicated her life to Jesus.

Praise God for all the work He has done, and will continue to do in and through our lives.

Don’t miss out on the next festival we are planning in the summer, you will be blessed, and a blessing to others!

Live life in light of eternity

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