May 28, 2024

Calgary’s City Hall prayer meetings are back!

This Tuesday at 12:30 pm. inside Calgary’s City Hall we will petition our God in the name of Jesus Christ for His mercy over our city.

In just a few weeks (on the 21st of October) we are going to vote for Calgary’s city Mayor and alderman. This is a perfect time for a corporate prayer!

If you think that there is power in prayer, come.

If you believe that there is a need for a change in Calgary, come.

If you want Godly men to represent all of us in City Hall, come.

Do not miss this opportunity to pray and participate in the upcoming municipal elections.

It is time to pray and act!

With humble hearts, together in unity we will plead with God for mercy over Calgary. We need new leadership, men and women that are standing for righteousness and truth, not greedy, corrupt and self seeking people looking only for their own business and interest. This is our chance to do something, to pray and come to the heart of Calgary declaring Holiness and Righteousness of the living Savior Jesus Christ.

In the bible it is very clear that we are to pray (talk to God), and to make our petitions known to Him. We are commanded to pray not only for ourselves but also to bless those in authority. There is no better place than in the heart of the city, the gate if you will, in the public square, the city hall.

God wants to bring healing to the city of Calgary and not only here but the entire nation needs God’s supernatural touch.

We need leaders that will say not “come Hell or high water” but that will say “we repent, God bring mercy”

It would be awesome for you to join us!

This Tuesday September 24th. at 12:30 pm. Calgary’s City Hall!

For more information, please contact Artur Pawlowski at 403-607-4434 or e-mail [email protected]

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