May 28, 2024

A few shocking facts that you may not be aware of.

Just a few days ago a local pastor came to us asking how we are being supported when comes to finances and food. After all he noticed that the ministry (Street Church) is giving a truckload of food every single day. He asked: “Who funds all of that? Who pays for all of this? ” The answer shocked him. Mostly Artur Pawlowski, the one that is labeled by the media and so many church goers and Canadians as one of the most unloving, intolerant bigot and evil men in Canada. He was amazed. He asked: “Were are the Christians? Where is the church in Calgary? Do they not want the name of their God, Jesus being lifted on the streets of their own city? Do they care about the poor?” The answer is simple. I guess not!

Do you know that Street Church Ministries and March for Jesus is almost entirely funded by private donation (90%) of Artur Pawlowski? Are you aware that the ministry that takes care of thousands of disadvantaged people a week, that feeds them and gives them hope in the name of Jesus Christ is not helped by even one church or any government organization? Everyone that comes to volunteer (mostly very poor people themselves), including the pastor Pawlowski comes without salary.

To sustain Street Church and to continue in providing the necessities of life to the poor, the orphans and the widows requires, from eight thousand to ten thousand dollars a month. All of that since the Ministry lost its tax privilege in 2008 for politicly incorrect preaching against divorce, abortion and homosexuality, month after month is founded by the polish immigrant Artur Pawlowski that fights against dictatorship and abuse of power in the land of Canada and feeds Canadian citizens without any support from the local churches. Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be. A society that elects evil men that stand for any and every wicked thing like Trudeau, Notley and Nenshi (our modern day Nebuchadnezzar’s) has their hearts harden. They do give, but to the mainstream politicly correct friends of the devil that refuse to stand up against the sins of the country. In return for their donations, they want entertainment and motivational speeches. And that’s exactly what they get. According to them, money well spent.

What are you funding? Where is your money going? Are you giving it to the right cause?

If you would like to support a front line ministry like Street Church, here is your opportunity. Do something, while you still can. There might be a time where the only thing that will be left over is the propaganda, mainstream lukewarm entertainment that people call church. Give while there is a day time because the night is approaching very fast. Are you ready?

And now you are aware of the facts. You can choose to walk away from them or do something to change them. The choice is yours. Will you help Pawlowski to preach the Truth and to take care of the poor?

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