May 18, 2024

Our passion, our battles, our victories, your training ground

Many people in the 21st century, when they think of the Church, they think four walls, a building and a roof. But at the beginning it was not this way. The prophets, the apostles and Jesus, God Himself, went out to reach the people where they were, right in the open, in the midst of the streets, the highways and byways. They could not just watch the suffering and misery of others, they had to do something about it.

The whole Bible is filled with their exploits, challenges and victories. Their love for God was bigger than their own lives. These people hated hypocrisy and they understood that obedience is a key to receiving God’s promises. The book of Acts, filled with the uncompromising stands of men and women, that when they said, “God, Jesus, my life is yours, save me, forgive me, I repent and turn away from my sins, they meant it.” When they declared, “Jesus here I am, use me”, they truly believed, that this is the only way. That, to lead others to Him you have to follow your King your Lord, the Almighty God, the creator of the heavens and the earth. For them, everything was black or white, left or right, no middle ground and no compromising with the devil. The end result was that neighbourhoods were changed, nations were converted and lives were won for eternity.

Street Church is a church at the gates of the city, at the heart of Calgary. This video contains historical accounts, and some never before seen footage, of this church’s activity and its’ volunteers; arrests, courts, feeding the poor and preaching the gospel, attacks of drug pushers, police and bylaws, City lawyers and Corporate Security, standing up for our rights and for the rights of all Canadians, defending the Constitution and the God given right to preach the gospel and to take care of the poor, salvations and baptisms, festivals and church services. Love in action, advancing the Kingdom of God on the streets of Calgary.

Against all odds, in the face of opposition, left alone by the establishment, standing, fighting and winning. This is the church that was spoken of that the gates of hell will not prevail against it, the church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. His church! The church that everyone has opportunity to join (by repenting from their sins and giving their lives willingly in to the hands of Jesus) the army of The Living God. This is the church were you get your training on how to reach the desperate lost souls of this world, not only by words, but also by actions.

If you want to know what we are truly all about, watch the 12 minute video and enjoy.

Street Church – Our passion, our battles, our victories, your training ground 


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