May 28, 2024

Why is Pastor Artur Pawlowski hounded by the Alberta Government?

Why is Premier Danielle Smith not helping him, at least ensuring his rights are upheld and the law is not abusive to him? Does she have

ANY power in Alberta?: “Artur Pawlowski Found Guilty of Inciting Mischief and Eco-terrorism: A Threat to Canadian Freedom of Expression and Religion”; why? because he stood against the lockdowns?

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith with Justin Trudeau


Artur Pawlowski Found Guilty of Inciting Mischief and Eco-terrorism: A Threat to Canadian Freedom of Expression and Religion

Calgary Alberta, July 6, 2023 – In a recent ruling, Artur Pawlowski has been found guilty by a judge of inciting mischief and eco-terrorism, leaving Canadians concerned about the erosion of their fundamental rights to freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The sentencing for this case is scheduled for August 9, 2023, unless further legal actions are taken to challenge the verdict.

The implications of this ruling are far-reaching, as it poses a significant threat to the cherished principles that have defined Canadian society for generations. If not struck down, it could set a dangerous precedent whereby any individual, including politicians, journalists, and private citizens, who dare to oppose the ruling party, expose corruption, or voice dissent against tyranny, may face up to 10 years of imprisonment.

Nathaniel Pawlowski, the son of Artur Pawlowski, recently delivered a heartfelt speech before the European Parliament, highlighting the dire consequences of an abuse of power in the name of public health. He passionately stated, “Canada has fallen; we no longer have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, or the right to protest or assemble or associate or express ourselves or have free media or disagree with the government.” Nathaniel’s words captured the despair and urgency felt by many Canadians who believe their fundamental rights are being violated.

He further emphasized the concerning nature of his father’s case, stating, “My father was just found guilty of inciting mischief for giving a sermon to the truckers when they went and stood for our rights in 2022; a Christian sermon that referenced the solidarity movement was criminal in our government’s eyes. A charge that has a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.” This verdict not only affects Artur Pawlowski personally but also establishes a dangerous precedent that stifles freedom of expression and freedom of religion for all Canadians.

Artur Pawlowski, born behind the Iron Curtain in Poland and familiar with the perils of unchecked despotism, has been recently found guilty by a judge of “inciting mischief and eco-terrorism”. This verdict resonates deeply with Artur’s personal history, as he shared his experiences, stating, “The horrors inflicted by unchecked despotism have burned their mark into my memory. […] these memories led me to vow never again. Never again would I bow to tyranny, never again would I let freedom’s voice be muffled.” Guided by this promise, Artur sought refuge in Canada, a nation that represents a beacon of liberty.

Freedom, according to Artur, extends beyond a mere word; it embodies the essence of our humanity, courage, and determination. He emphasized that the pursuit of freedom comes at a cost, one borne by soldiers, journalists, and volunteers. Artur himself has tasted the bitter price of freedom, enduring the hardships of cold handcuffs and harsh judgment. Undeterred, he remains steadfast, saying, “The soldier stands unflinching, knowing that freedom bears a cost. There is a price to pay.” As a journalist, he has fearlessly spoken truth to power, amplifying his voice from Calgary and beyond, fulfilling the duty of free speech. Additionally, Artur’s commitment to his community has been demonstrated through selfless acts of service, recognizing that true freedom lies in serving others.

Drawing inspiration from Saint Augustine, Artur quoted, “Hope has two beautiful daughters, anger and courage. Anger at the status quo and courage to change it.” He challenged the members of the European Parliament, asking thought-provoking questions, “How many nights in a cold cell would you endure for freedom? What lengths would you traverse to defend your people’s rights?” Artur’s unwavering resolve is exemplified by the fifty nights he spent in jail, standing up for the rights of people to gather and worship. He called for a collective rise, declaring, “It’s time to say never again, to face the lingering shadows of the 20th century, to challenge the injustice of today.” Artur emphasized the importance of his survival, as an attack on individuals like him would ultimately threaten the freedom of all.

The guilty verdict against Pastor Artur Pawlowski not only imperils his personal liberties but also poses a grave threat to the cherished principles of freedom of expression and freedom of religion in Canada. This pivotal moment demands the unified support of all Canadians, human rights organizations, legal experts, and global leaders to rally behind Artur Pawlowski’s fight for justice and to safeguard the vital rights that form the bedrock of Canadian society.

We call upon all Canadians, human rights organizations, legal experts, and global leaders who value the principles upon which our societies are built to stand in support of Artur Pawlowski’s fight for justice. Together, we must challenge this ruling and protect the essential rights that Canadians hold dear.

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