May 28, 2024
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Street preacher unplugged

Street preacher unplugged




Street minister Art Pawlowski’s attempts to electronically get out God’s message have been silenced.


Justice Bonnie Rawlins yesterday ruled Pawlowski and his followers in Street Church Ministries are barred from using amplification while holding services and doling out food and clothing to Calgary’s homeless.


Rawlins rejected a suggestion by Pawlowski’s lawyer, Ivan Bernardo, that she should only limit their broadcasts to certain decibels.

The Queen’s Bench judge said "in light of the obstreperous attitude previously displayed by Mr. Pawlowski and other participants in Street Church Ministries" such a compromise would be unworkable.


"I am of the opinion the only way to achieve compliance in this case and to deal with the disturbance to residents is to impose a total ban on amplified sound," Rawlins said.


She agreed with City of Calgary lawyer Colleen Sinclair prior attempts to get Pawlowski and his followers to turn it down didn’t work.


Bernardo had argued the judge had to balance the rights of residents with those of his clients.

"We do have a fundamental right to so-call bother people," he argued two weeks ago.


Rawlins injunction will remain in place until a trial is held on whether the city has the authority to limit Pawlowski’s preaching.

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