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Street Church Receives Cyber Attacks and Threats in Response to Battle with the City

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just two days after challenging City’s unconstitutional bylaw that disallows prayer or any religious activities inside City Hall’s municipal complex boundaries. Street Church receives repercussions of attacks and threats. Art Pawlowski, Thursday morning received a letter with threats that includes very disturbing statements. Here are some of them:

Now, you must answer for this unforgivable sin.

We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect Us

This is an order from Anonymous to cease and desist all further legal battles

You won’t win against city officials

You are actually hindering the progress of Calgary in the revolution

This is very disturbing that in "democratic" Canada, we are progressing so fast into a bully-state that wants to silence religious speech. Whoever has uttered these threats is expecting us to withdraw from standing for our fundamentally guaranteed rights and that should be a concern for everyone.

Not only did they make these threats but these individuals have been launching cyber attacks on our web servers constantly since, we are told last night at eleven in the evening.

"I believe this group is determined to try to thwart us from showing up again next Tuesday at City Hall. Whoever is doing this is seriously threatening free speech and democracy."

The police have been called to investigate the matter further.

For more information on this issue or to see a copy of the letter, please contact Artur Pawlowski at 403-607-4434.

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