May 28, 2024
Press Coverage

Ruling frees Pawlowski to do the Lord’s work

Laurie and Clark Whitcomb
Calgary Herald

Re: "Street preacher acquitted," Dec. 8.

Calgary has many good churches, but only a few actually go into the city to feed all the hungry who come out to hear them tell people about Heaven and how to get there, according to the Bible. It takes real courage and support to do this on a regular basis. Art Pawlowski escaped with his family from Poland, which was cruelly treated during the Second World War, to our free country and fine city.

 For years, he and his generous congregation have been harassed, fined and treated less than courteously here in Calgary. But they just kept on encouraging the despondent, praying for the city officials, and giving out warm clothing to the poor and homeless. What is so terrible about helping people? Why don’t more folks have the courage, forgiveness and love to do the same thing?

Provincial Court Judge Allan Fradsham has thrown out the charges against the Street Church. A huge thank you to Fradsham.

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