May 24, 2024
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In Memory of Never Again

For Immediate Release
FridayMay 92008
Street Church is called to stand in defence of the poor widows orphans mentally ill and is seeing a growing parallel between what happened in the early thirties and the persecutions abuses of power and corruption that are happening in our own City.  Statements like "never again" are heard all over the world yet today the same approach towards our society’s most vulnerable people are repeated today.
"Abortion – we as a society say my right to my body is higher than the right of that child’s life-God calls it murder.  Euthenasia – we as a society say we will decide when to end your misarable life-God calls it murder.  Human Embryeo Experiments on Aborted Children – we as a society say we need this research to save lives-God calls it murder.
You know what this reminds me of? In the late thirties Hilter ordered the killing of 75000 disabled people saying ‘there are thousands of gibbering idiots that must be fed and nursed.  They are inferior to any animal.  Can we burden the future generation with such an inheritance?’.  He then ordered the killing of 250000 children because he said ‘they are not of a pure blood.’  Do I really need to go on? By the end of 1945 tens of million of people were dead."
Street Church Ministries will hold an event at 11:00 am Wednesday May 14 at the steps of City Hall raising awareness on the abuses to the poor and will visually illustrate the graphic parallels between the two scenarios using picture and verbal exposition including live testimonies.
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For More Information Call Street Church at 607-4434

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