June 17, 2024

Preacher Who Escaped Soviet Control Warns of Canada’s Encroaching Communism: ‘It’s Time We Push Back’

Polish Christian legal immigrant Artur Pawlowski electrified crowds with his moving and patriotic speech outside of Ottawa’s parliament earlier this month. The Polish building developer-turned-preacher came to Ottawa to speak at a Canada day protest against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s corrupt government and to encourage citizens to unite against communism.

“I have seen the power of unified Poland during the solidarity and I have seen what we can do as people if we will only unite,” Pawlowski encouraged the crowd. The preacher who escaped communism and made his home in Canada detailed his oppressive life under the Soviet communists in Poland and warned that Canada is rapidly turning into a communist state.

Pawlowski observed that the Canadian heritage is being “erased” and citizens need “push back” in order to regain their country:

“For the past decades many in this country have been successfully erasing and attacking our heritage! It is time we push back!”

As Canada devolves into an anti-Christian state indicative of all communist countries, Pawlowski has become a target. He has been harassed, fined and openly threatened by the Islamic mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, Antifa and other radical left-wing radical groups for preaching the Gospel in the streets, and even for feeding the poor, he said.

Despite the attacks on Pawlowski by the Canadian government, he continues to fight for his country.

Watch his speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m5nJ5tI9zg

Artur Pawlowski’s Speech Transcript:

I come from communism Poland, I grew up under socialism, people were arrested for nothing, thrown in jail, beaten, by the police. And in 1981 and 1982, I have seen the power of unified Poland during the solidarity and I have seen what we can do as people if we will only unite. It started small, insignificant, in the eyes of the enemy we were nothing. But it grew because the Patriots were rising up and finally they said after many decades of oppression they said no more. We will fight! We will stand up for the sake of our children. 

I immigrated here because Canada was promising me something it was promising me freedom.  It was promising me bread. It was promising me what my old country was refusing to give to me. I remember the embassy meeting in Greece, a man said come we want young people, we want business people, no one will ever hunt you down because you are a Christian. But since then I was arrested many times. Not because I was violent, not because I was robbing banks, not because I was robbing people, but because I dared to feed the poor and preach the gospel, Right here in Canada! And I say, and I say, no more to those people!  We are not their slaves. They are our servants. We pay their salaries. 

You see communism, socialism, they thought that the rest of the society are the slaves for them. But finally in 81′ and 82′ Polish people had enough. Now Poland has the best democracy on the planet earth. And I am telling you growing up under this craziness, you have the power to change your country, You have the power, and you don’t need guns, you don’t need machine guns, you need only one thing, you need to unite and you need God on your side. 

I was invited here to speak first, as a pastor and a preacher, I am going to remind you what made this country great. Today we came to celebrate a birth, the birth of a nation, one nation under one God. The God on Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The God of the bible, the word of God. 

On December 1876 the fathers of the Confederation were assembled discussing the terms and the conditions of confederation and drafting the British North America Act. There had been considerable discussion that day before and many suggestions as to what the new united Canada should be called. And no conclusion had been reached. 

The next morning,  Sir Leonard Tilley, he was one of the founding fathers, he read the chapter from the bible. And that morning particular morning he read Psalms 72, when reading verse 8 of the Psalm it said, ‘He shall have dominion also from sea to sea…” The thought occurred to him what a splendid name to give Canada. When he went back to the sitting of the convention that morning he suggested the word, dominion, which was agreed to and Canada was called the dominion of Canada. A letter signed by John A. MacDonald explained to Queen Victoria that the name was a “tribute to the principles that they earnestly desired to uphold.” 

See we have to understand that this country was great for certain reasons. And if we remove the foundation of this country, everything else follows. I was a businessman, I was a builder and as a builder I am telling you, if you touch the foundation, I don’t care how beautiful the structure, everything else will crumble. 

On July 1, 1867, MacDonald was the first to lay his hand upon a Bible and be sworn in as a member of the Privy (Prewi) Council, followed by George-Étienne Cartier. Tilley was next, and he became the minister of customs in Canada’s inaugural federal government.

The nation was formed! The dream had begun! God at the center! 

Here is Canada’s official motto “A Mari usque ad Mare” meaning “From sea to sea” from the Psalms 72:8, “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.” sealed the desire of those that formed this nation with the promise, to Love and to stay True to the God of the Bible!

If we will forget what built this country we do not have a future! 

Canada’s coat of arms shows a ribbon behind the shield with the motto of the Order of Canada, “Desiderantes meliorem patriam” which translates “They desire a better country” which stems from Hebrews 11:16.

Why it is important to remember this? Because if you do not know where you came from you do not know where you are heading!

As you can see it is hot here, and my heart is burning, my heart is burning for this land. My heart is on fire because this is my home, this is my land, here I have three children and a wife. And anyone who comes to me I say, This is My Country! 

The forefathers had a dream! A better country! And I am sure that everyone of you that came just like me, you had a dream. Free country, where man can worship God and raise a family! When man can pursue his dreams and pass on the blessings to the future generations!

This was a nation filled with symbols straight from the Bible and established on the Word of God!

July 1 was called “Dominion Day” which was a recognition of the sovereignty of God. With only twelve Members of Parliament present, the private members bill that proposed changing “Dominion Day” to “Canada Day” was passed. The Canadian Parliament changed the name to “Canada Day” within five minutes and without debate. 

Is that not the case today? They will pass the legislation today, without everyone present, without the public knowledge, under the radar and against the wishes of the people. That is why I highly advocate referendums. If it is touching me, I don’t want them [politicians] telling me how to live in my free country. 

I say the ‘we the people’ have to take back what is rightfully ours. We don’t have to ask them [politicians]. This is our country, it is not just their country. 

This was a nation filled with symbols straight from God! In 1982 with the granting of Royal Assent it became official. Just 12 men with the stroke of a pen removed a powerful history and heritage!

That is why it is so important to stand for your beliefs. Make your presence know! Be vocal! Be vigilant! Be brave! 

This is the land of the brave and free. We have to follow the example of our forefathers. If not! Everything good and decent will be taken away by those that do not care about the past or those who built this country, Glorious and Free!

Today our heritage, our way of life, our freedoms, our nation and its symbols are under attack! There are some that hate the very idea of God, freedom, peace, family and accountability! They want chaos, hate and lawlessness! They want anarchy! That is why you see people attacking our monuments and history. 

They cannot stand when we prosper and thrive!

This attack on our monuments and our flag is the consequence of abolishing the Word of God from the public square and becoming a secular nation!

We can see this at every corner! In the treacherous, lying media. In the politicians that hate its own citizens using them only for their own private agendas! They rob, they cheat, they steal.

They have no regards for what is good and holy! They hate freedoms and will do everything in their power to take it away from you!

When the nation acknowledged God in the Land, Canada prospered! The rulers were good and the people were blessed!

Canada was known as a nation of Milk and Honey!

That is not the case today! Jesus Christ, our Saviour is despised, rejected and unwanted! The very God that blessed and protected Canada from its enemies, now is ridiculed and cursed!

We have lost our protection! The enemy is in the Land and the enemy hates you, hates you with a passion! The first thing you will always see is the attack against the symbols that are holding the country together. The monuments, the flags heritage, history.

During the war, the flag was representing the country, home-land. This idea was the very reason the soldiers were willing to fight and willing to die for! On the battlefield those heroes were holding the flag high. I see some of you are holding the flag high. You are not ashamed of this flag. 

Their job was to defend the battle flag and their position. The most dangerous duty a person a person had, was to hold the flag in the middle of the fight.

The quickest way to destroy and to confuse the enemy was by either shooting the flag holder or capturing the flag. When the enemy was defeated the winning flag would replace the previous one.

Think about what is happening to our country! 

Every attacker of any country would always dishonour the flag, burn it, step on it and replace it with his own. Every invader of the country would smash all the symbols, statues, flags to remove their history and heritage! And that is exactly what is going on now. 

That is why it is so important for our Canadian soldiers to have on their uniforms the Canadian flag! They represent our nation! They stand on Guard for Thee!

Can I have your divine attention, please! Can you put aside your personal beliefs?

What kind of flag and what colours represent Canada today? Think about it

Everywhere you turn you see the six coloured homosexual flag. On government buildings, City Halls, airports, Embassies, banks, stores, streets, even churches, police and RCMP stations and now on their uniforms. In Calgary, police officers are walking with homosexual flags. 

Embassy of Canada is the only embassy to fly two flags. The Canadian and the homosexual.

We have been invaded and you do not even realize it! Our flag is under attack and is being replaced by a foreign one.

Canada has no laws prohibiting flag burning or desecration. Acts of this nature are considered under the law as forms of expression protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Other nations have laws, in my own country of Poland, you can not desecrate the Polish flag. You will end up in jail. 

You will have against you the government, you can not burn it or destroy it. It symbolizes your nation and if you love your nation why would you desecrate its symbols. 

However here in Canada, don’t you dare touch homosexual flags or symbols! You will have against you the heavy hand of the government, courts, media and the human rights tribunals.

So the question is very straight forward? Which of the two flags is more important? Which one should be protected? Since when, Canada has changed its flag?

Is that not how Hitler did? And remember I am a Polish man, I grew up seeing still the bullets on our bullets from the German Nazis. 

When Hitler came to power, he replaced the flags with a swastika. When Stalin came to power, he replaced the flags with his own. Their symbols and flags dominated the public square and we know how that ended!

I came from there! I know! I have seen it!

By banishing the religious symbols and Christian presence from the public square we have become a secular nation. With no foundation, no heritage, no past and no glue that can hold us together, as a nation!

Erasing the past we are destroying the future!

For the past decades many in this country have been successfully erasing and attacking our heritage! It is time we push back!

If not now when? If not you than who is going to stand up for this land. We know that the government is not standing for you. We know that media have betrayed and are betraying the people of this country. They are the enemy within. 

If we will not bring back the Word of God to the public square everything that our forefathers fought for and died for will be destroyed! Our rights! Our way of life! Constitution, freedom, prosperity! We have to remember those that fought and stood before us. We have to remember. Now we have to do our part and I thank you that you have decided to do your part. 

If Canada as a nation and in every level of the government, will not go to its knees, Peace, Healing of the Land and Prosperity will not COME! Cannot Come! God will never Bless Evil, Arrogance and Pride!

The Word of God is very clear! Pride comes before destruction and it is very interesting that the enemy within is using this very word for its invasion on our country! In the end they are destined for destruction! 

We have to go to our knees! We have to Bring God back to Our Nation! We have to bring His Word Back!

As for me and my house, we shall keep holding the Word of God high and our Canadian Flag, High! I hope that you will do the same!

And today I want to stretch my hand and bless everyone of you. And as long as there are people like you that are willing to publicly stand up for your rights, for your families, for your loved ones, for your children, for your grandchildren, there is hope, there is hope! 

Gideon had 300 people, David had 400 warriors, Jesus had12 and he changed the world from upside down to right side up.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to speak on this ground on this soil. Be blessed, may God prosper you, may his face shine upon you, may he go wherever you go. Be victorious, be strong, be courageous, be brave, be Canadians. 

Thank you very much.

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