May 28, 2024
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March for Jesus and Worship in the Park 2017

If you have never attended a March for Jesus or our Worship in the Park event before then surely you will experience something special.

March for Jesus team has been involved in marches all around the globe and we continue to look for new cities that we can partner with to praise, worship and exalt Jesus Christ to the glory of the Heavenly Father, and where we can eat, laugh and partake in God’s blessings.

March for Jesus brings Christians of every tradition, age, and color, into the streets to celebrate what Jesus has done and to ask God’s blessing on our cities. It is nothing more and nothing less than a joyous celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Worship in the Park is a rallying call for all Christians to come out and get excited for Jesus. We believe that this will light a fire and encourage the Church to be even more excited about living out loud for Jesus.

The focus of this event is to pray and worship, before the March for Jesus, a sort of preparation for great and mighty exploits for the Lord.

Chaperones and those who are young at heart, come and lead the way as an example to the future generation. Come and worship our Lord Jesus Christ in the heart of the City for one and only Christian event in the year in this beautiful park in Calgary.

Please find us on Facebook or at for further info or call us at 403-607-4434.

I greatly encourage you to invite everyone you know to these events, share our meetup and let them know of these great events. They are free to all, and I am sure there will be something for everyone.



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