June 17, 2024

We worked as Deputy Returning Officers

I believe in action. You cannot complain about something if you, yourself, are unwilling to participate and do your best in solving a particular problem. In other words, when you see something that you do not like, perhaps it is time for you to step in and make a difference. Complaining about it is not going to fix it, but your involvement might.

My brother Dawid and I had an opportunity to work for Elections Canada and Elections Alberta as Deputy Returning Officers. In this role, we collected ballots and counted them at the end of the day. This experience allowed us to see how the democratic system works in our country. Participating in our democratic process in Canada is not only a right, but also our duty and responsibility. At Street Church we have a saying about our rights: if you will not use them you will lose them. You have no right to complain if you are just sitting on your couch criticizing and whining about what is happening around you, but are not lifting a finger to change the situation. We have to be active, vocal and visible. It is our responsibility to keep a check on our elected servants to ensure that they respect and uphold the law. When voting, we, as believers, have to make sure that those candidates we vote for are standing for justice and life and are willing to respect our rights. We cannot just rely on their speeches, because words cost them nothing. We must look at their track records. Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruit.” What are their fruits?

Our next municipal election in October of 2013 is another opportunity to do research on the candidates who are running for office in order to find out who they are and what they stand for. Exercise your right to vote while you still can. In many countries they do not have this privilege and through the centuries many patriots have had to die for this opportunity. You can choose to either sit at home and complain, or go and cast your vote. We simply cannot say that nothing will change because politicians are all the same. If we do not at least try to make a difference, then we are already defeated. This is what the devil loves the most: apathy, complacency and ignorance. He is constantly whispering in our ears that we should sit at home and not get involved, because it is impossible to change anything.

We have to get involved, because this world needs workers and doers not just talkers. Jesus said himself that the harvest is plenty but the labours are few. This truth applies in every aspect of life not just in evangelism, but also in bringing righteousness, mercy and compassion to fellow men around us. We, who care, have an enormous duty to stand up for justice, to represent God’s righteousness and to lead by example.

We have to remember that we have the Almighty God on our side and with Him all things are possible. Go! Change your nation for Jesus Christ. Fight for justice and God’s truth. Do not just sit and watch others doing what you yourself are required to do. If you really care about your country and family be a doer not just a talker.

Bless you

Live today as though Christ will return tomorrow,

Artur Pawlowski

on behalf of Street Church Ministries

Artur Pawlowski working as a Deputy Returning Officer during a federal election.

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Dawid Pawlowski working as a Deputy Returning Officer during a federal election.

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Artur Pawlowski working as a Deputy Returning Officer during a provincial election.

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Dawid Pawlowski working as a Registration Officer during a provincial election.

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