April 20, 2024

Tuesday’s – time of blessings

Every Tuesday for the past few weeks we have been privileged to have prayer and worship meetings in Calgary’s city hall. It’s truly becoming a time of blessing. The prayers and worship are penetrating the hearts of everyone that comes either to participate or just to watch. We have witnessed people (onlookers) that have joined the worship team and started to sing with all of us, even different police officers (that came in big numbers to watch over the meetings to make sure that everything was done according to the law) were impacted.

For example, last Tuesday a female officer, while we were praying and singing, had tears in her eyes and she really looked physically touched by God. And even though corporate security was raging with open hatred (we really need to pray more for them) the power of God’s love was moving mightily around all of us. And not only those that observed were touched by the presence of God but we in the body felt such a unity as i have not witnessed in many years. Those that came to partake in the church service are from all walks of life. There were businessmen, an ex-drug dealer, ex-gangster, there were some awesome ladies, one was 85 years young, that came to intercede for our city. And even though we all came from different places and walks of life, all of us have one thing in common, we love Jesus Christ and we love this city.

As i am writing these few words to you a song by Chris Tomlin rings in my ears. “You’re the God of this City You’re the King of these people You’re the Lord of this nation,You are You’re the Light in this darkness You’re the Hope to the hopeless You’re the Peace to the restless You are There is no one like our God For greater things have yet to come And greater things are still to be done in this City There is no one like our God”. May the words of this song be like a prayer to God from every heart that cares for the future of our city and our nation. If you want to pray for the city of Calgary and all it’s officials, if you want to bless or receive a blessing, come and be part of this amazing meeting with God and His grace and mercy. You see, it is His outstretched hand of compassion over Calgary that He has put this desire into the hearts of Christians.

Last Tuesday there was over 30 worshipers interceding for our nation in city hall. Sandy, a businessman in his 80’s, took a commitment to come every week to deliver a word of God to us. The Police were very respectful of us this time and they allowed us to finish our prayer without making any arrests (although 5 of us received tickets for trespassing, which is an awesome opportunity for us to challenge this illegal bylaw that says that religious activities inside city hall are prohibited.) May God repay them for their respectful conduct.

Please join us in this amazing time and pray for those in authority, our mayor and city counsellors. May God grant them wisdom in how to make righteous decisions and may God open their eyes to see when there is a problem they don’t have to seek psychiatrists or psychologists but that they can instead turn to the almighty God. He is eager to answer.

For more information, please contact Artur Pawlowski at 403-607-4434 or e-mail [email protected]

On behalf of Street Church Ministries,

God bless you

Artur Pawlowski

Some pictures from the event:

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