June 17, 2024

Another victory for Artur Pawlowski and Street Church!

Do you remember the story from last year called “Guilty by Association”. The three of us, Sheldon Wrubleski, Nick Bicak and myself went to the Body, Soul & Spirit expo that was held down at the Big Four building on the Calgary Stampede grounds.

Around 5:30PM a number of armed police officers along side of three security guards and two Calgary Stampede personnel approached our booth and stated that we were trespassing on the property and had to leave immediately or else we would be arrested (here is the full story:http://www.streetchurch.ca/news-journals-topmenu-37/978-guilty-by-association). We were shortly escorted out of the building and not allowed to take any of our equipment and show supplies with us. All three of us received summons for trespassing and were told that we are never allowed back on Stampede property, ever again!

On Monday November 3 2014 the Crown prosecutor in the light of our constitutional challenge withdraw all of the charges giving us yet again another amazing victory!

The enemy is on the run and God once again proved to be the one that has the final say.

Praise Jesus!

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