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Please take a moment to send us a donation so that we can continue preaching the gospel and ministering to Calgary's homeless population. For more details click here.

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March for Jesus


Click the image above to visit the March for Jesus website and learn about the upcoming march in June of 2016 in Calgary.

March for Jesus Poland

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Click the image above to visit the March for Jesus website and learn about the upcoming march in Warsaw May 2013.

Street Advocate documentary


Click the image above to visit the documentary film "Street Advocate" website.

Magen David Adom

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Click the image above to visit the Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel (CMDA) website. Christian Friends of Magen David Adom website.

Street Church Comic 3

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Click here to open the downloadable pdf of the comic.  Please feel free to download print and distribute as many copies of the comic as you would like.  Also, we have printed copies available upon request.  Please call 403-607-4434 for details.

Street Church Comic 2

Back to the Streets - Comic 2

Click here to open the downloadable pdf of the comic.  Please feel free to download print and distribute as many copies of the comic as you would like.  Also, we have printed copies available upon request.  Please call 403-607-4434 for details.

Street Church Comic


Click here to open the downloadable pdf of the comic.  Please feel free to download print and distribute as many copies of the comic as you would like.  Also, we have printed copies available upon request.  Please call 403-607-4434 for details.

Free DVD


The above DVD is freely available for anyone who wants a copy.  It can be picked up at any Street event.  To see a short preview, click here.

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Devotions Winnipeg Conference 2016 and The March for Jesus!


We have amazing news!

We have been invited by Robert Schwartz the founder of Devotions Winnipeg to speak at the upcoming conference that is going to be hosted on the 9th of January 2016 in Winnipeg.

"As we join together", Robert writes in his invitation to Pastor Artur Pawlowski (Organizer of Marches for Jesus and founder of Street Church), "We can walk as the disciples did in bringing more people closer to Christ." Then he continues with this amazing statement: "We can also announce that the March for Jesus is coming to Winnipeg!" More...


"Revival comes from heaven when heroic souls enter the conflict determined to win or die - or if need be, to win and die! The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." -Charles Finney.

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Centennial Parade

Report from Poland

Mayor of Tel Aviv

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God's Politicians

Creation Museum

Street Church
Photo Galleries PDF Print E-mail
Written by Artur Pawlowski   
Friday, 03 August 2012 22:21

Last Updated on Friday, 03 August 2012 23:08
Street church today was extra fulfilling and special. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Artur Pawlowski   
Monday, 30 November 2015 17:30

Before going out however, my wife and I were faced with more than the typical spiritual oppression. A few stresses in our lives were enhanced by an awful situation which took place in the middle of the night. For a time, we were stuck feeling defeated and we were making excuses about why we would not be serving the Lord today.

It is hard to recognize that when you are called to do something deeply important, that because it is truly meaningful, there will be opposition from the devil. If you are on his radar, you will suffer oppression. The testing is always first but the break through is than so sweet.

We don’t expose the schemes of the devil often enough. For me, so many of the days and nights when it has been the most difficult to come out and lift the name of Jesus at Street Church, those are always the most specialist of times.

My friend Lou and others have also found, oddly enough, that it is the coldest, darkest nights which end up being some of the riches experiences in doing ministry on the Streets. There is something very special that takes place, when the only reason you are out on the there, is because you want to demonstrate your love for the Lord.

When you stick it out for the long run on the streets, staying from beginning to end, that is where you drive home with a thrill in your heart saying to yourself, ‘wow what if I hadn’t of gone out’?.

Where if you hadn’t been there, that hurting soul who would only have connected best with you, would not of received love or direction from anyone as they go off into the dark and dangerous night. Where no other person that night would of helped give that desperate soul a sense of value and a seed of hope. It is very hard, if not impossible to describe the incredible opportunities some of us have had, to stand for Jesus as well as to help heal crushed hearts and broken minds.

Street Church certainly is not only about those living on the streets. This is also about standing for our fundamental freedoms, for taking a stand for morality and righteousness in this fallen world, as well as showing the world that Jesus is serious and precious to us.

When you look back at your life, what great peace you will have when you know it has been filled by making the most of your opportunity on earth in Loving Jesus. What agony it will be for those who reflect on a life which carry know real meaning into eternity. This ought to be our primary concern and focus. That one day you will die and you will than stand before God. Will you have a story to tell? A story of heroism, struggles, victories, defeats, sacrifices and adventure, in demonstrating your passion for the King of Kings who you will have to answer to. Or will your story be only of pursuing comfort and security from a place of unrelenting discontentment?

Placed inside all of us is a desire to be about a greater purpose that just our own lives. The problem is we don’t go and serve that purpose and so never find real fulfilment. We all can fall into the trap of living only for ourselves but we must come out of that pit and be apart of the greatest story ever.

A life lived on the couch or in a pew will only leave you empty in the long run, there is no escaping it. Please do not be apart of a social club, be apart of a Kingdom. We have been called out by God to be ambassadors, emissaries, servants of a Kingdom not of this earth. Real faith inspires action to make the Father proud.

“Duty is ours, results are God's.” John Quincy Adams

-A special shout out to Monty Peterson who more than any of us has recognized the value of serving at Street Church and so refuses to allow the devil to steal from him.


- Jesse Rau

Jesse Rau 4

Street Church 1-2015

Street Church 2-2015.JPG

Street Church 3-2015.JPG

Street Church 4-2015.JPG

Street Church 5-2015.JPG

Pastor Pays Price to See Germany's Spiritual Revival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Artur Pawlowski   
Monday, 02 November 2015 01:35

Just like Canada! Where are the fired up, uncompromised, not afraid of the devil leaders that are not bowing down to political correctness?


BREMEN, Germany -- Germany was the birthplace of the Reformation and was once a base for world missions. But much of Germany today is covered by a profound spiritual darkness, as are most Western nations.

Those who refuse to compromise on the teaching of scripture pay a price.

Bremen Pastor Olaf Latzel knows full well that there is a cost for speaking out boldly -- especially in today's Germany, where traditional Christian teaching is viewed by many as bigoted, hateful, and even "un-Christian."

Latzel has been attacked in the media, investigated by the local government, and even denounced by fellow pastors. His crime? Refusing to bend a knee to political correctness.

No Compromise

"I'm only preaching the Gospel in a clear way," Latzel said. "I think it is my duty to do this preaching in this way for our Lord."

In his sermons, Latzel cuts no corners. He soft-pedals nothing. To some, he might sound mean when he attacks other religions.

But Latzel is standing against what he sees as a spirit of compromise that seems to have swallowed Germany and the German state church.

In the process, he has angered the German establishment and even a lot of German pastors.

Latzel said the chief battle in the German church today now is over who God is.

According to Latzel, some Christian pastors have said "Allah and Jesus Christ, the Christian God, is the same god."

"But if you ask a Muslim, 'Does your god have a son?' he would say no!" he continued. "Our (Christian) God has a son; his name is Jesus Christ. So, they are not the same."

"If you speak out loud and clearly about the truth of the Bible, that there's only one way to heaven and this way is Jesus Christ, there is only one God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and there is no other god beside Him, then you have a problem," he said.

Unsaved Pastors?

Seventy German pastors gathered in Bremen this year to denounce Latzel behind a banner celebrating "diversity."

The public prosecutor investigated him for hate speech and then cleared him, and the Bremen parliament passed a resolution against him.

It was reportedly the first time a German pastor has been condemned by a German parliament since World War II.

But far from backing down, Latzel said the real problem is that, in his estimation, most pastors in Germany's state church have not been born again.

"I think over 80 percent of the pastors in the national church in Germany are not reborn," he said. "And that's a great problem, and because of this, they make their own doctrine. The Bible is the Word of God; it's our law, chapter by chapter, book by book, sentence by sentence, letter by letter."

Latzel pastors at the historic St. Martini (St. Martin's) Church in Bremen, where around 1679 the church's pastor, Joachim Neander, wrote the great hymn, "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty."

Latzel enjoys saying that Pastor Neander also got in trouble for preaching the Gospel boldly.

Some pastors would have been rattled by so many attacks against them. But Latzel, who comes from a family with a long military tradition, said he is in a "war" between Christ and the devil, and the attacks reassure him.

"This is one sign that you are on the right way in your preaching, when you get problems," Latzel said. "If you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and everyone is clapping his hand, then you have a problem."

"Because, if you're telling the truth from the Bible, then the devil will come and he will fight against you in several ways; he will fight against the Word of God," he said.

A Tool in God's Hand

In fact, Latzel admits his concern is not becoming discouraged but getting a big head.

"I (have received) more than 10,000 emails…so many persons came to me and said, 'You are a great pastor,'" Latzell said. "And the more persons came and told me this, something happened inside me and, 'Oh, I'm really this great pastor.'"

"And the devil comes here and says, 'Yes, yes. You are great,' and that's not good," he continued. "I am nothing. I am only a sinner. I am only a tool for Jesus Christ. And when Jesus can use this tool, give any honor to Jesus Christ. I am nothing."

The great hymn of St Martin's Church says, "Let the amen come from his people again." Latzel believes revival is coming to Germany and he asks Christians to pray for his country.

"I ask you, brothers and sisters in America, please pray for Germany. Pray for awakening," he pleaded. "Pray that the Word of Jesus Christ will go out and reach persons who are lost so that Jesus can save them."

Last Updated on Monday, 02 November 2015 17:12
Our passion, our battles, our victories, your training ground PDF Print E-mail
Written by Artur Pawlowski   
Sunday, 21 November 2010 01:55

Many people in the 21st century, when they think of the Church, they think four walls, a building and a roof. But at the beginning it was not this way. The prophets, the apostles and Jesus, God Himself, went out to reach the people where they were, right in the open, in the midst of the streets, the highways and byways. They could not just watch the suffering and misery of others, they had to do something about it.

The whole Bible is filled with their exploits, challenges and victories. Their love for God was bigger than their own lives. These people hated hypocrisy and they understood that obedience is a key to receiving God's promises. The book of Acts, filled with the uncompromising stands of men and women, that when they said, “God, Jesus, my life is yours, save me, forgive me, I repent and turn away from my sins, they meant it.” When they declared, “Jesus here I am, use me”, they truly believed, that this is the only way. That, to lead others to Him you have to follow your King your Lord, the Almighty God, the creator of the heavens and the earth. For them, everything was black or white, left or right, no middle ground and no compromising with the devil. The end result was that neighbourhoods were changed, nations were converted and lives were won for eternity.

Street Church is a church at the gates of the city, at the heart of Calgary. This video contains historical accounts, and some never before seen footage, of this church's activity and its' volunteers; arrests, courts, feeding the poor and preaching the gospel, attacks of drug pushers, police and bylaws, City lawyers and Corporate Security, standing up for our rights and for the rights of all Canadians, defending the Constitution and the God given right to preach the gospel and to take care of the poor, salvations and baptisms, festivals and church services. Love in action, advancing the Kingdom of God on the streets of Calgary.

Against all odds, in the face of opposition, left alone by the establishment, standing, fighting and winning. This is the church that was spoken of that the gates of hell will not prevail against it, the church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. His church! The church that everyone has opportunity to join (by repenting from their sins and giving their lives willingly in to the hands of Jesus) the army of The Living God. This is the church were you get your training on how to reach the desperate lost souls of this world, not only by words, but also by actions.

If you want to know what we are truly all about, watch the 12 minute video and enjoy.

Street Church – Our passion, our battles, our victories, your training ground 


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