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"Any concept of grace that makes us feel more comfortable sinning is not biblical grace. God's grace never encourages us to live in sin, on the contrary, it empowers us to say no to sin and yes to truth." --Randy Alcorn

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Calgary Transit driver Jesse Rau fired over pride bus controversy PDF Print E-mail
Written by CBC News   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 15:29


The city says Jesse Rau breached its code of conduct by telling false information to the media about his stance on a rainbow-coloured Calgary Transit bus. (CBC)

Jesse Rau, the Christian bus driver who said he would quit his job with Calgary Transit if forced to drive the city's rainbow-coloured pride bus because of his religious beliefs, has been fired.

Rau received a termination of employment letter from the City of Calgary on Thursday for breaching code of conduct and the city's media relations policy.

The letter states: "To be clear you are entitled to your religious beliefs and to express them freely. However, you went beyond that and made false and misleading comments during various media interviews, which resulted in undue controversy and put the reputation of the city at risk."

Rau has said that he would fight his dismissal, and will be fundraising to hire a lawyer, but he's not surprised he lost his job.

"So the fact that they fired me, it's hurtful but like I said from the very beginning I knew that was going to be on the table."

The controversy has gained quite a following online, with some saying the city did the right thing.

The city said there were two other conduct breaches, including that Rau "repeatedly suggested" the city would make him drive the bus and he would be fired if he refused. 

Rau says he was told any bus driver might have to drive the bus, but the city said Rau had been "specifically" told he would not be assigned to the route.

Other reasons for dismissal cite the fact that Rau also made "serious" allegations that people in position of power were out to "sabotage" him and he used social media to post Nazi-related content and identified himself as a Calgary Transit employee.

Calgary Transit director Doug Morgan says there are nine policies in the city's code of conduct that address everything from media relations to respect in the workplace. The city's social media policy is that public statements reflect the values put forward by the City of Calgary and council.

"That policy is there to guide that discussion and make sure that if we are representing the City of Calgary that it indeed reflects the policies of the city," Morgan said.

Calls from CBC News to the union that represents Calgary Transit employees have not been returned.

Rau was still on probation when the controversy began. The letter states he is unsuitable for employment and his status will be "do not rehire."

Calgary Neo-Nazi asks for help to pay $5,000 fine he was issued for blocking the city's rainbow-coloured pride bus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Calgary Sun   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 15:27

From bravado to begging.

That’s how a $5,000 ticket will deflate even the brashest fanatic — and there are few who will argue Kyle McKee didn’t deserve a fine for blocking Calgary’s rainbow-coloured pride bus.

The notorious local neo-Nazi just hopes there are some people who sympathize with his one-man protest against “homosexual life choices,” because the 29-year-old ex-con is online begging for help paying the big ticket, issued by police last week.

“I took it upon myself to take a stand in front of the bus to prevent it from driving,” reads a statement on McKee’s Facebook page, echoing a matching post made on

“This ended with the police sending 4 cars lights flashing to give me a ticket worth $5,000. This was about $4,750 more than I expected to get. So I am asking for donations to help pay this ticket earned by peaceful protest for our rights!”

The GoFundMe page, with two donations adding up to $60 so far, was offline Wednesday afternoon, but it wasn’t immediately clear why.

It’s the second time the public plea for cash has been yanked, after complaints from a local anti-racism group resulted in the first disruption for McKee’s fund-raising page.

For a guy trying to raise $5,000 before his court appearance on November 3, it’s a rocky start.

The white supremacist’s journey to public panhandling started after a Calgary Transit driver volunteered his opinion on the rainbow bus to local media, saying his staunch Christian values meant he could not in good conscience drive a vehicle dedicated to gay pride.

City Manager Jeff Fielding quickly responded by saying the city will always promote tolerance.

“All people are welcome here in this city,” said Fielding. “There shouldn’t be any concern about what walk of life they come from.”

Not surprisingly, McKee didn’t agree.

McKee, sentenced to 13 months in 2013 for illegally possessing a shotgun, decided the bus driver needed support with his anti-gay stance, so he decided to protest the rainbow bus by blocking it from moving.

“Recently there was a story all over the news about an issue of a Calgary public transit driver claiming that it would be against his religion to promote the homosexual life choices by driving a bus that was decked out in a rainbow wrap,” wrote McKee.

“The driver was attacked all over the mainstream media and social media for standing up for his convictions. It was as if his religious rights were far less important than those of the gay community.”

A seasoned protestor, McKee has previously helped organize white supremacist rallies in Calgary, and for years he has spoken out against races and cultures that don’t match his own.

Still, before embarking on this latest rage against the system, McKee probably should have read the fine print, available online under the Calgary Transit Bylaw.

There, he might have seen exactly what awaits any person who purposely does anything to “prevent or interfere with the operation of a transit vehicle.”

Apparently that’s just what McKee did, for around 20 minutes, according to his own description of the one-man demonstration.

It must have seemed a little like a white supremacist’s version of the Tiananmen Square tank protest, albeit without the moral backing of the entire world.

Of course, police were called — and McKee might have predicted the rest.

The fine for blocking a bus, the harshest available under the bylaw, calls for a specified penalty of $5,000, and a minimum penalty of $2,500.

The police constable who wrote the ticket wasn’t throwing the book at McKee, so much as following the book.

McKee has vowed to fight the matter before a judge, and if any cash is left over, he says it’ll go to a church or organization with similar views.

He explained his cause to the Sun in an email, writing, “We are told we have to accept things that are clearly in conflict with our faith ... if we are expected to do this to make a neutral setting for people then what place does promotion of any other groups life style have on city transit?”

BREAKING: Christian bus driver fired after refusing to drive Calgary ‘Gay Pride bus’ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Artur Pawlowski   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 15:00

CALGARY, Alberta, September 11, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- A Calgary bus driver who is a faithful Christian and married father of two children has been fired from his job after stating publicly last week that he would refuse to drive a city bus decked out by his employer to promote the city’s Gay ‘Pride’ festival.

Rau Family 2 810 500 55 s c1

“They called me in and read me a statement saying that I would no longer be working for them,” Jesse Rau, former Calgary Transit Authority employee, told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview.

Two weeks ago Calgary Transit unveiled a “Pride Bus” it had specially decorated with a rainbow paint job to promote the city’s Calgary Pride Festival. A large banner on the side of the bus states: “Ride with Pride” and provides the dates for the celebration of homosexuality, something that Christians believe is a deviation from God’s plan for human sexuality.

Rau came out publicly last week saying that he would refuse to drive the bus if it were put on his route since he wanted no part in promoting what he said was a “very radical sexual movement” that went against his Christian beliefs.

"As a Christian I believe in the Bible as being the Word of God, and it teaches that sexual immorality is sin. I don't want to have any part in promoting behaviors and lifestyles that put people in more trouble with God than they already are, and that create more brokenness and despair in their lives," he said at that time.

Rau says Calgary Transit questioned him for 5 hours on Wednesday with what he called “very trapping questions.”

“They were trying to trip me. For 5 hours I played the game because I wanted to keep my job. But they had obviously already made their decision. And the next day (Thursday) around noon early in the morning, they fired me.”

He said the meeting felt more like an interrogation where he was asked questions unrelated to work duties, but rather relating to his personal beliefs and even the opinions of others who had commented on his Facebook wall.

At a meeting yesterday, Rau said he was accused by his employer of misleading the public into believing that he could be fired from his job for refusing to drive the ‘Pride bus’ and for posting what his employer called — according to Rau — “anti-fascist” pictures on his personal Facebook page.

“One picture was directed against the ‘rainbow flag’ movement, indicating how it had turned into a fascist movement, and they didn’t like that,” Rau said.

Rau said he was “shocked” at the reasons given for him being fired.

“None of their concerns related to my work. On the contrary, prior to this issue, I was told that, due to my good work performance, I was supervisor material. To go from awaiting promotion to facing joblessness simply for standing for my Christian faith in a supposedly free country is horrible,” he said.

Rau told LifeSiteNews that he has no chance of appealing the decision since he was nearing the end of a year-long probation period that he had not yet completed. But he is not wavering in his trust in God, he said, but is turning to God for strength to get through this time. He already sees God working through this difficult situation with a prophetic message for Canadians.

“I think this has become a very beautiful opportunity for Canadians to see just how this sexual ideological movement is pushing its views on people, and how Christians and others who have different views are now the victims. This movement is now taking measures that are offensive to almost everyone to force compliance with this movement,” he said.

Artur Pawlowski, Rau's pastor, told LifeSiteNews that what happened to Rau indicates how the homosexual movement brooks no dissent when it comes to differing views.

“Yesterday they were coming for the politicians, judges, and doctors, today they are coming for the bus drivers, clerks and bakers,” said Pawlowski who comes from Poland and runs Street Church in Calgary.

“Believe me, I grew up in a country (Poland) like ours has become, and I can tell you tomorrow the communists/fascists/dictators are coming for you. Will you let them?”

A vigil for Rau and his family organized by Street Church is scheduled for October 10 in Calgary. Those interested in financially supporting Rau and his family during this time can make a donation through Street Church’s website using Paypal. Donations should be tagged with a note “Support for Rau and his family.”

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2015 15:06
Driver who opposed Calgary Transit's Pride bus says he was let go PDF Print E-mail
Written by Calgary Herald   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 04:57

Erika Stark, Calgary Herald

The Calgary Transit bus driver who said last month he'd quit if he had to drive Calgary's Pride-themed rainbow bus has been fired.

In August, Jesse Rau told media he would not drive the bus, which ran for duration of Pride week along various routes, because it goes against his beliefs as a Christian.

At a press conference Friday, Rau told reporters he was dismissed from his job a day earlier for "standing for (his) Christian faith."

"It's something that I 100 per cent expected," said Rau, who was joined by his pastor Artur Pawlowski at the press conference.

Pawlowski, a controversial street minister, once claimed the 2013 southern Alberta floods were caused, in part, by God's unhappiness about homosexuality.

"I expected that my job was totally on the line," said Rau, who had been on the job for a year and was nearing the end of his probationary period. "The fact that they fired me, it's hurtful, but ... I knew that was on the table."

According to Rau’s notice of termination, which he supplied to reporters, Rau made “false and misleading comments” about the Pride bus that “put the reputation of The City at risk.”

The notice said Calgary Transit advised Rau that he was never asked to drive the bus and would not be assigned to it. When asked if he ever specifically told the city he did not want to drive the bus, Rau said, “that’s not the issue.”

“When I was applying to the City of Calgary, I understood that I was going to be working in a safe environment where others are not allowed to push their beliefs and ideologies on me,” he said.

Rau’s termination notice also cited ‘abhorrent’ Nazi-related content posted on Rau’s Facebook page as another grounds for dismissal.

Rau countered that the Facebook content in question was actually a handful of anti-fascist posts.

Transit director Doug Morgan couldn’t comment specifically on Rau’s case, but said Calgary Transit has a code of conduct that all employees are expected to follow. The code of conduct also covers social media and public comments.

“What we want to do is make sure when statements are made publicly that they reflect truthfulness in the corporation and the values put forward by the City of Calgary and council,” he said.

Pawlowsi will hold a rally at City Hall in October to raise money for Rau to hire a lawyer.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Christian fired for refusing to drive homosexual shame bus PDF Print E-mail
Written by News   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 04:56

by Bill Whatcott » Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:27 pm

I'm not surprised at what happened to this righteous man. Jesse Rau is fortunate that he has a church and Pastor who supports him. Still losing a good union job with a pension is huge, especially in Alberta's new economy where thousands of people are out of work now. I pray God helps Jesse and his family to not only recover from this unjust job loss but to prosper.

Calgary1 640x345 acf cropped

I never did fully recover from the loss of my nursing career and I really hit the poverty line when the homosexual activists ruined my carpet cleaning business. It is sad that Canada's public sector employers are absolutely beholden to the promotion of sexual deviance and that good family men like Jesse Rau have to either compromise and pay homage to Sodom or forfeit their employment. This is more evidence that the homosexual agenda is not really about acceptance, it is about imposing a level of conformity where all will meekly accept the falsehoods put forward by Sodom and where one will surrender their children to homosexual mandated brainwashing. The so-called "Pride bus" was only one cog putting forward the false message that homosexuality is normal and to be celebrated. Canadians are now also expected to embrace the pro-homosexual messages being pushed in our schools, in our workplaces (especially government workplaces), and in our media. The option of just being quiet and hoping to not be noticed is becoming less tenable.

Jesse Rau's case shows Canadians are expected to forfeit their liberty in deference to pro-homosexual political correctness. Those who fail to conform will face job losses, vilification, and if they are too outspoken a myriad of courts and tribunals to grind them down. Jesse is not alone. Christian teachers have lost their jobs in Canada for not wanting to indoctrinate children into embracing homosexuality. In Ontario one can no longer practice law if they graduate from a Christian University that does not have a pro-homosexual code of conduct.

The Ontario College of Physicians has made it a policy that doctors must refer for abortions even if they believe the practice is the murder of an innocent human being. The college reasoned this policy change upholds the patient's "human rights." In reality this move violates not only the unborn child's right to life, but it also violates the medical professional's conscience and once again makes it impossible for Christians who believe in the sanctity of human life to work in the medical field.

Can Christian doctors, teachers and bus drivers hope to bring their stories to Canada's "free press" to find justice? Forget it, beyond LifeSite News all of Canada's media is completely beholden to the homosexual agenda and Culture of Death. The only hope for Canada's increasingly persecuted Christian minority is to hope in God and find strength to endure the increasing persecution that is coming to Canada, or Christians will have to consider moving elsewhere.

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott;t=10439&p=25856#p25856

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2015 14:52
Calgary Transit driver who refused to drive Pride bus claims he was fired PDF Print E-mail
Written by News   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 04:42

CALGARY – A Calgary Transit bus driver who said he’d quit before driving the city’s rainbow-coloured “Pride Bus” claims he has been fired.

Jesse Rau said in a statement via Street Church pastor Artur Pawlowski that he was left go on Thursday after being “grilled for five hours” during a “special meeting.”

Rau said Calgary Transit cited two things when they let him go, but claims “none of their concerns related to [his] work.”

Rau had refused to drive the city’s Pride Bus because he said as a Christian, he couldn’t condone the behaviours and lifestyles associated with Pride.

A Calgary Transit spokesperson declined to comment on what he described as “personnel matters.” Director Doug Morgan said he couldn’t talk about any specific employee issues.

“We do have a code of conduct that helps guide our behaviour and we expect all employees to follow that code of conduct,” said Morgan. “We need to make sure that [transit drivers] operate appropriately and deliver great service to Calgarians.”

“If there was a violation–and again I can’t speak on a specific incident–we would take action and have a discussion with employees and see what happened, and investigate and then take action if those policies were breached.”

Rau presented the below letter of termination of employment to reporters Friday afternoon:

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September 2015 14:54
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